viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

Wigan Casino Monsters

1. I love my baby-International G.T.O.'s
2. I can't see him again-The Twans
3. The Larue-Lada Edmund Jr.
4. That was whiskey talkin'-Ronnie Forte
5. My little cottage (by the sea)-Fluffy Falana
6. Help me (instrumental)-Al Wilson
7. Fool's Paradise-Caleen Anderegg
8. Job opening (for and experienced hear mender) Pt 2-Del Larks
9. I'm no fool-Sonny Craver
10. Hey boy-The Moments
11. All my good loving (is going to waste)-Len Jewell
12. If he were mine-Paula Durante
13. Hey little girl-Del Capris
14. Track to your mind-The sounds of Lane
15. Can't turn around now-Fork in the Road
16. Since i found a love-Sandy Headley
17. Why wonder-And the Echoes
18. My life with you-The Traditions
19. I'm lonely, i'm troubled-Limitations
20. Fool to fool-Shep
21. Lady, lady, lady-The Producers
22. Here i am-The Secrets
23. I'm a teardrop-The Jerms
24. Something to brag about-Joe Douglas
25. I'm doing the best that i can-Patti Williams

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